Lines (Rail)

Training Provider 

Shipley College

'Test before Touch'  This training will offer the opportunity for current Rail Industry OLE linesmen, to cross skill and potentially embark on an isolation career.

Available if you are currently employed in the industry.


Skilled Operatives are needed to maintain the overhead lines used to transmit electrical energy to electric trains, trolleybuses, or trams. Due to a change in Network Rail Overhead line permit (Form C), a 'test before touch' must now be carried out at every location that a linesman works on. Therefore, upon completion of this programme, delegates holding an AP ticket have required competency to carry out 'test before touch' duties themselves, therefore, reducing the need for additional personnel on-site and consequently, reducing the element of risk. In addition to this, delegates will be certified with 'Working at Height' and 'Harness Awareness,'. The course is delivered over 5 days and you will also complete two days of training on Overhead lines construction and maintenance 

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