Technical Training on the P-Way (Rail) Infrastructure.

Training Provider 

Shipley College

Available if you are currently employed in the industry

This course takes theoretical knowledge gained from your TIC and expands with an emphasis on practical elements, covering Manual Handling, Introduction to Track Geometry, Gauge & Vertical Alignment, Cross Level, Cant Twist & Clearances. Also use of an extended array of Small Plant Tools e.g. Rail Saw, Cat Scanner (competency tickets issued), Joint Management & Fitting of Temporary Joint Plate Camps, Ballast Profiling & Sleeper Replacement, Rail Handling & Manoeuvring, Hand Trolley Operator/Controller (competency ticket issued), Fitting of Stressing Rollers, Safe Use of Hydraulic Tenors and Robel Packing Machines, Placing and Removing Speed Boards & Warning Equipment & Track Panel Construction. The course is delivered over 5 days and you will also complete two days training on Overhead lines construction and maintenance.

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